Will Hawaii Re-Open October 1st?

Well folks, we got very excited by the announced re-opening date of August 1st for the State of Hawaii. So excited we shared a blog about it! For all intents and purposes, we have to retract that information as new waves of the coronavirus have swept through our state forcing the pushback of a reopen date to potentially October 1st. Will it happen? We hope so, but it remains to be seen and not very likely. With the 14-day quarantine reinstated for inter-island travel in Hawaii it is unlikely we will see transatlantic travel given the green light any time soon. But who knows! In the midst of all the speculation and waiting there are people hard at work trying to develop a vaccine. Their success just might be the ticket to get us up and running again. Another possibility, after the large number of new cases that caused the reinstated quarantine, is maybe our state will develop herd immunity, it’s happening in other states right now.


COVID19 – Rocked Hawaii Worse Than a Hurricane!

COVID19 has definitely rocked us like a hurricane, it is hurricane season in Hawaii after all. It has actually hit us harder than a hurricane. Since tourism is our main driving force, economically we are facing devastating times as millions of our people have no job to go to, until we can invite our guests to come back to the islands. In the meantime, many of you might wonder what it is like to be in paradise right now.


How is Hawaii Doing During These Tough Economic Times?

Despite the economic downturn, the islands themselves are flourishing! Without heavy foot traffic our flora and fauna are rejuvenating and healthily thriving. In the sea, the turtles, fish and coral reefs are healing from the constant barrage of sunscreen and human presence. This is the perfect time to do your research on reef friendly sunscreens so that when our doors are reopened for visitors you can do your part to help keep them as healthy as possible! Mangos, papayas, avocados, passion fruit, and bananas are popping in abundance from limb and vine, treating the locals to much ono deliciousness! Dragonfruit has flowered and will be coming along soon.


Our Ohana is Staying Aloha Strong!

When you live on a rock in the middle of the ocean the people of the island become your family or ‘Ohana’. Communities are coming together in support of one another with Aloha in the form of food banks and other outreaches. Ohana’s are lending helping hands to one another, sharing whatever they might have that a neighbor needs. Supporting one another in homeschooling and day to day needs. Fishermen are sharing their shoreline hauls, ranchers are sharing their beef and poultry, seamstresses are sharing masks made from Aloha cloth, and volunteers are rising up to feed our homeless population. COVID19 has nothing on the Spirit of Aloha! It has struck us hard financially, but it has strengthened us in taking care of one another. We are Aloha Strong!


Hawaii is Still The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

We would be lying if we say we aren’t enjoying having the beaches, trails, and jungles all to ourselves. This is a very unique and unprecedented time to selfishly take advantage of living in paradise. Surfers love not having people cut in on their wave, scuba divers have the deep blue all to themselves, photographers can set their tripods or catch the most compelling shots without getting photobombed. And, we can meander trails and gardens, soaking in the fresh aired beauty that surrounds us and simply be alone in nature. We are so incredibly blessed! We live in the most beautiful place in the world and we can enjoy it without spending a single dime. That is pretty incredible! But, as incredible as it is, incredible does not pay the bills. We are all eager to get back to work. We are eager to see your friendly faces. We are eager to share the beauty of our islands with you!

We do not know when Hawaii will re-open, but we do know that when the time comes, we will be ready to welcome you to our beautiful State. Please spend some of your COVID time in the spirit of Ohana and help others when you can, blessings will always come back to you. Be safe, stay well, and live Aloha!

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