Trash found in the ocean in Maui

One of our neighbor boats in the harbor, Ultimate Whale Watch, was out on a typical whale watching tour when they noticed a peculiar line in the water that seemed taut. Peter, General Manager of the company, happened to be onboard that day. He dove into the water to check out what was going on. It turns out that a whale had been entangled and was stuck, trying to drag on the line to get free. With a few smart maneuvers on his part and the help of the Coast Guard, they were able to free the humpback whale.

There are a small number of sharks that frequent Lahaina Harbor in hopes that the fishermen who come in daily will drop some tidbits of fish for their lunch. Actually, they would like more than a tidbit, but it keeps them coming round like clockwork. Everyone loves to look for and wait excitedly to watch the sharks in the harbor. One shark, we call Sandy, has in recent months gotten some line twisted around it’s neck that appears to be getting tighter as time goes on. Several men have tried in vain to approach the shark to cut the line with no luck. We hope Sandy is able to get the help she needs before it is too late.

Lately, here in Maui’s beautiful waters, there has been a deluge of castaway nets and debris washing to the surface. Many boats, including Sea Monkey, have been doing their part to collect and bring the garbage in out of the water. We fear for the whales who have come home for their breeding season. Baby humpback whales are born here and quickly get to business learning the ropes of being good breachers, tail slapppers, and pec wavers. We want to do everything we possibly can to help clean up the ocean, not only for the safety of humpback whales, but for all sea life. Those of us who live here consider all creatures of the sea to be like extended members of our families.

We are sharing this for a two-fold reason. One, to hopefully make everyone a little more aware of the immense dangers ocean pollution and garbage present to whales, dolphins, sea turtles and more, boats, and the livelihood of not only our people, but for many around the globe who live by the sea. And secondly, to extend a huge thank you to everyone who collects the garbage and brings it in; to those who aren’t afraid to get into the water and do what they can to free a sea creature in need of help. These things are fine examples of the true Spirit of Aloha.

We, at Sea Monkey, firmly believe that the creatures of the sea, large and small, know when we are trying to help them and that they truly appreciate our efforts. While out cruising the basin one day, recently, we had literally just pulled a huge floating net in out of the water and secured it in a holding area when a HUGE humpback whale told us ‘Mahalo nui loa!’ (Thank you from the heart!) with a nose to tail, magnificent, awe-inspiring, breathtaking breach RIGHT behind the boat! We cheered, we stood in awe, and we laughed and smiled huge smiles from the depths of our hearts as we said ‘You’re whale-come’! That is a defining moment none of us will ever forget. As a matter of fact the memory of it brings joy to my heart and a huge smile as I write. It is our sincere hope that each of you reading this will have an opportunity to help clean the ocean and receive the kind hearted thank you like we received. Spread the word and do good, on any level that you are able; and we promise it will bring a smile to your heart, too! 

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