Holiday Shopping during Covid19

This Holiday Season

How do you plan to spend your holidays this year? Are you ready? I think most of us are ready to kick 2020 to the curb for a multitude of reasons. With the year winding down there is still time to do something fun for yourself or for a loved one and surprise them with a special and very unexpected gift! For those of you who are drowning in ‘I have no idea…” we’re here to help you think outside the box!

Creative Gift Ideas

Ululani's Shaved Ice HatSince most of us are house bound, or travel restricted this year, think back to times past. What was a favorite vacation? Did you travel to Maui? If you did, it’s a safe bet you fell in love with Hawaiian Shave Ice! How about a hat for your loved one from Ululani’s like this, then they will always have shave ice on the brain.


Heaven's Calling by Walfrido Garcia



Perhaps they couldn’t take their eyes off of picture in the Martin and MacArthur gallery like this Limited Edition Heaven’s Calling by Walfrido Garcia, and no wonder – it’s gorgeous!





Maui Coffee Roasters Gift Basket

Favorite little mom and pop coffee shop? Maui Coffee Roasters is one my all-time favorites and the gift of a Maui Roasters mug to sip some Mele Kalikimaka Coffee Blend out of is going to be cherished as your loved one enjoys next to your brightly lit tree.

Lucky for all of us cell phones make these places, and your personal favorites, are as accessible as being there in person, so use them, order online or call! Get your thinking cap on and get creative, they will be so glad you did and you will get giant kudos for being so thoughtful!

Traveling During Holidays

If you are one of the brave ones to travel during these crazy times, consider visiting Hawaii, it is one of the safest places on the planet to be! Charter a private boat for a whale watch this winter. It is one of the most healing and exhilarating experiences and truly is a wonderful gift! And while you’re at it you can purchase and tuck away a Sea Monkey Private Charters hat or sweatshirt for this year, next year, birthday or whatever day! We promise it will bring back all of the fun memories and special moments your shared. In their eyes, you will be a HERO, just like you were when you were there!

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